Intermediate Dance Performance Styles & Technique (Fall 2019)

Dance for Kids and Teens
Intermediate Dance Technique

Ages: 5th-8th Grade


This high-intensity class will give you the tools to pick up choreography across multiple styles of dance. The dance company staff has created a one-of-a-kind curriculum designed to improve student’s technique while building their dance vocabulary. Each class incorporates a warm up focused on stretching, strengthening and placement. Across the floor combinations are broken down to help each student develop a deeper understanding of jumps, turns and kicks. Throughout the course of the semester students will have the opportunity to study under various choreographers in the areas of theater jazz, latin jazz, ballet, contemporary, classical jazz and hip hop. This class is a game changer for students interested in auditioning for Musical Theater Company A!

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Class dates exclude these holidays:


September 30 (Rosh Hashanah), October 14 (Columbus Day), December 23 (Winter Break), December 30 (Winter Break)


October 1 (Rosh Hashanah), October 8 (Yom Kippur), December 24 (Winter Break), December 31 (Winter Break)


October 9 (Yom Kippur), November 27 (Thanksgiving Break), December 25 (Winter Break), January 1 (Winter Break)


October 31 (Halloween), November 28 (Thanksgiving), December 26 (Winter Break), January 2 (Winter Break)


November 29 (Thanksgiving Break), December 20 (Winter Break), December 27 (Winter Break), January 3 (Winter Break)



Class Policies

  • Video & Photography: Video cameras or filming of any kind is not permitted, although Applause reserves the right to film or photograph classes for teaching purposes and publicity.
  • There are no refunds for the Dance Performance Styles and Technique classes.
  • Returned Checks: There is a $30 charge issued on each check returned from the bank for any reason.
  • Students are required to wear specific dress code according to each class type:

Intermediate Dress Code:

Black Yoga Pants/Dance Pants
Jazz Shoes
White Top (fitted, no patterns)

Advanced Dress Code:

Black Yoga Pants/Dance Pants
Jazz Shoes
Blue Top (fitted, no patterns)