Make Your Own TV Series! (Winter/Spring 2020)

Film Acting for Teens and Kids
Make Your Own TV Series!

Ages: 4th-6th Grade


Ever want to be the star of a big sitcom like Henry Danger or Fuller House? Or maybe you envision yourself in something more serious, like The Fosters or Stranger Things? Then come be a part of Applause New York's newest YouTube channel, devoted entirely to TV Series! Throughout the semester you will be helping to create and star in an entire season of a brand-new TV series that will consist of at least 6 episodes and will premiere on our brand new YouTube TV Series Network. You will learn what it takes to create a show with a continuing story line and recurring characters that will develop over the course of the season. With over 905,000 subscribers and growing on our current channel, come be part of the next big sensation that Applause Film has to offer!

Class dates exclude these holidays:


February 17 (Presidents Day), March 16 (Spring Break), March 23 (Spring Break), May 25 (Memorial Day)


February 18, March 17 (Spring Break), March 24 (Spring Break), May 19 


March 18 (Spring Break), March 25 (Spring Break), April 8th (Only applies to classes that end after 5:05pm) May 20 (Only applies to hip-hop and musical theater classes)


March 19 (Spring Break), March 26 (Spring Break), May 21


March 20 (Spring Break), March 27 (Spring Break), April 10

Class Policies

• RETURNED CHECKS: A $30.00 fee will be charged for each check returned from the bank for any reason.
• VIDEO & PHOTOGRAPHY: Filming of any kind is not permitted. Applause reserves the right to film, photograph classes and share footage, movies and photographs on appropriate viewing platforms and for teaching purposes and publicity. Viewing platforms may include, but are not limited to, Applause Theatrical Workshops Inc. social media outlets and You Tube channel.
• MAKE UP CLASSES: There are no make-up classes for our film program because each class is working on different material throughout the semester. We encourage your child to attend the majority of classes and offer private lessons for an additional charge if they require extra help.
• Applause reserves the right to dismiss a student, without refund, whose conduct or influence, on the opinion of the Program Director, is not in the best interests of the class.
• All parents/students will be required to hand in a conflict sheet noting any scheduled absences throughout the semester.
• All parents/students will be required to fill out a minor talent release before the first day of class.