Musical Theater Company B (Sunday AM) (Winter/Spring 2020)

Theater for Teens and Kids
Sunday AM Company B

Ages: 5th-8th Grade


This exciting and intense workshop is for the child who is serious about theater. Each actor needs to make the commitment to work hard and learn everything there is to know about what it takes to put on an Off-Broadway show. The Director, Choreographer and Musical Director provide training in acting, singing and dancing through the rehearsal process. The semester ends with performances in a beautiful Off-Broadway Theater. Invite your friends and family to the shows, which are also attended by agents, managers and casting directors looking for new talent. Workshops by audition only (please call 212-717-0703 to make an appointment).

Class dates exclude these holidays:

 February 16 (Presidents Day Weekend), March 22 (Spring Break), April 12 (Easter), May 24 (Memorial Day Weekend)

Class Policies

This is an audition only performance class created for the student who is more advanced and wants to immerse him/herself in the world of theater or dance.
RETURNED CHECKS: A $30.00 fee will be charged for each check returned from the bank for any reason.
MAKE UP CLASSES: There are no make-up classes for the Weekend Workshop program because each class is working on different material for the end of semester performance. We encourage your child to attend the majority of classes and offer private lessons for an additional charge if they require extra help.
• Parents must fill out a conflict sheet with your child’s scheduled conflicts and return it to Applause by the given due date.
• Students entering Company A must take at least one year (2 semesters) of Intermediate Dance Performance Styles and Technique or 2 years of equivalent dance training. All students enrolled in Company A must take a supplementary dance class (Advanced Dance Performance Styles & Technique or an outside class approved by the Dance Department).
• Applause reserves the right to dismiss a student, without refund, whose conduct or influence, on the opinion of the Program Director, is not in the best interests of the class.
• Children must bring appropriate clothing for class: comfortable clothing, dance shoes (no boots or sandals).
• Students must bring a hand-held recording device that is in perfect working condition to every class to record music and harmonies
• Students MUST attend dress rehearsals and end-of-semester performances to be eligible for the program. Students may not miss more than 2 pre-planned classes, or their role may be compromised.
• Tickets for the end of the semester performance are NOT included in the cost of the class. Show dates will be announced at the beginning of the semester.