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How To Keep Theater Alive For Yourself

Most of us are asking ourselves what we should be doing during the time of Covid-19, and my answer to you is TRAIN! 

There has never been a better time to put your acting and singing chops to work. Most actors, directors and musical directors are out of work right now, which is the perfect opportunity for you to seek their help and work with the best of the best. This down time in showbiz means that you can get individual attention and work on those bad habits you have been meaning to break. This is the time to do the training and research you swore you would get to when you weren’t so busy.

5 Ways to Continue Training 

  1. Do the Deeper Acting Work

You have more time than ever to really dive in and study your favorite scene or monologue. If you choose a scene, pick a partner who you admire and really dig into the text. Find the beats. Play around with different objectives. Accept challenges. Push yourself. 

  1. Do a Virtual Play

Get together with your friends and try diving into characters you have never played before. Try a new “type” and think outside of the box. This close-up & personal work will help widen your range! No one wants to be typecast.

  1. Add 2 New Songs to your “Book”

You can never have a shortage of songs that are in your key and cut just the way you like it. Working with a singing coach (virtually or in-person) is going to put you ahead of the game for when things start back up. You want to emerge a stronger vocalist than you were going into this! Click here for private lessons.

  1. Work on your “Mix”

Your mix – that crossover part between your chest voice and your head voice! Who doesn’t need help with that? Working on that mix will benefit you in every way possible. There is no downside here. 

  1. Nail the Cold Reading

Work your cold readings. Readout loud every single day. Pick up anything – the newspaper, a children’s book, an article on the internet, a cookbook, adult fiction, non-fiction. Get used to seeing words and reading them aloud without tripping over them. Look up as you read. Try different voices. Get your point across. Let someone listen to see if you can be understood. Your cold-read gets you to the next room at the audition, so this part is crucial.

There is a lot to keep you busy. Many of us are not feeling motivated right now, but since this is what you love, take some time to make yourself feel good. Watch great theater. You’d be surprised at how much is online. Here are a few links that we love.

This is about investing in you. You Got This!