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To Mask or Not To Mask

As the founder of a private institution where ALL my staff is vaccinated and we are mandating that every child who can be show proof of vaccination, I am flooded with parents asking me “NOT” to mask their children. Kids above the age of 12 who are vaccinated want to sing and dance without masks. I assumed everyone in NYC whose children take my dance and musical theater classes would want masks on other children, so no younger or older vulnerable people get sick, but this is not the case.

Parents have called and written pleading with me saying:

  1. My child has been masked for a year and a half and can no longer dance with a mask
  2. My teenager is breaking out and wants to meet boys
  3. What was the point of getting vaccinated with all other vaccinated people if you are making them mask?
  4. If you make them mask we want refunds
  5. Audrey, “Be Bold” a parent said – what does that even mean these days? 

Getting through last year was hard enough with 3 quarters of our students gone, but our strict mandates got us through the year without ONE case. 

What does an owner do, when there is no one really guiding the way?