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How We Brought Back In-Person Performing Safely (For Kids)

How has Applause safely reentered the world of performing arts for kids?

The most important thing to Applause for re-entry was  #studentsafety and staff as well as #community. Kids miss seeing their friends more than anything as well as doing what #children love (performing)!

We’ve mapped out space with 8-12 feet between each student. We taped out squares with 3 feet on each side and put a decal in the middle which is numbered . This way there is no question for anyone where a child’s space is!

Each child is given a number and a mapped out path to get to their space. As a child enters our space there is a distanced crew to take temp., dispense hand gel, & each child receives a fresh mask & face shield weekly.

Children must wear mask & put on face shield on top of the mask when it is time to sing.

Classrooms are fully sanitized between each class.

Any kind of snack or drink is distributed outside during break time when students go outside where spots are labeled as well.

We’ve opened safely for all students as well as our staff. Children and parents have thanked us profoundly in countless emails for figuring out how to do this where children can connect.

We offered outdoor distanced dance and musical theater classes as well as virtual classes.