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Ellein Cheng

Ellein began her dance journey with ballet at the age of five, and discovered her true passion during high school when she immersed herself in Hip-Hop, Locking, Popping, and House training. When studying at Carnegie Mellon University, she choreographed and danced for the school’s semi-annual Dancers Symposium and their annual fashion show Lunar Gala, while co-captaining the school’s Hip-Hop dance troop, International Freestylers. After graduating, she continued training at StudioDanz Hong Kong, where she was recruited to join an all-girls dance team called SIS, and invited to participate in the Dazzle Live showcase in Osaka as a guest performer.  In recent years, she has pivoted her career into the field of data science, but continues to pursue her love for movements through dancing and choreographing for DanceWorks NYC since 2016.  She enjoys practicing a growth mindset in every aspect of her life, including motherhood, tech career, and artistic creativity.